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A Study On Adult Development - 780 Words

This book examines the lives of 824 individuals through a study on adult development. Vaillant states, â€Å"Old age is like a minefield; if you see footprints leading to the other side, step in them† (p. 4). If we can help others and ourselves follow in the patterns of others who have successfully aged than perhaps we can live a full and joyful life. Aging well, to some extent, is controllable. Knowing how to grow old and age well is important to live fully. There are many factors that an individual can control such as exercise, education and alcohol and cigarette use. Leading a healthy lifestyle throughout an individual’s life can lead to aging well. It improves the ability to enjoy life. It is noted that these habits should be established before turning 50 years old. The abuse of alcohol and tobacco can lad not only to unhealthiness, but also hinder relationships. I personally have seen marriages changed by the abuse of alcohol and smoking cigarettes. As an exercise and wellness minded person I can agree with this from my own experience and knowledge. Having wisdom in this area, my hope is to be able to start with my family and share the importance of exercise especially as they age. Then with their help, continue to instill the importance in exercise the older populations. Having a purpose and feeling needed is something we all desire. This does not stop as we age. Despite losing their spouse, job through retirement, physical and mental capabilities our elders need to findShow MoreRelatedStatistical Significance of a Study: Development of a Health Model for Older Adults1117 Words   |  4 PagesStatistical Significance of a Study: Development of the model of health for older adults What statistical procedures are mentioned in the study? The research focused on the integration of various phases with the aim of achieving the goals and objectives in relation to the research questions. In the first phase, the research study integrated Statistical Packages for the Social Sciences (SPSS) Version 17.0. The main objective of this statistical analysis tool was to offer critical analysis to theRead MoreStudy And Use Of Embryonic And Adult Cells Towards Development Of Medical Science1901 Words   |  8 Pagescatholic response to stem cell research Religious studies 3.3 Achievement standard 90826 Credits: 6 INTRODUCTION What is stem cell research? †¢ Stem cell research is the study and use of embryonic and adult cells towards development of medical science. The study of stem cells has become a major focus in the world of medicine because of its great potential to cure common illnesses such as; Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy and diabetes. The study of maturing stem cells gives scientists insight intoRead MoreSociocultural Theorists And Developmental Psychologists Essay1155 Words   |  5 Pagesthe children’s cognitive development takes place through the social interaction with other people. Adults and generally more capable individuals are models of behaviors for children and through their guidance children understand not only the physical characteristics of the environment but also conceptualize the meaning of actions and peoples behavior (Corkum Moore, 1998). This essay illustrates the key elements for the cognitive development with the collaboration of adults. Firstly cited the Vigotsky’sRead MoreSleep And Its Effect On Children1342 Words   |  6 Pagesmotor development in infants. Motor development is defined as the ability to move and to develop those movements over time. Even though studies that address how sleep impacts infant’s new motor skills are very few, sleep does play a role in multiple factors during an infant’s development. Blumberg (2015) states that movements during sleep are affecting our motor development. Since infants spend most of their time asleep than awake, it is important to study the effects of sleep on development and toRead MoreThe Importance Of Omission Bias In Development1242 Words   |  5 Pagesprediction of the study involved omission bias, and it was hypothesized that this bias would be present and conserved throughout development; however, the results only found the bias to be present in four to five year olds. The bias was not observed among the adults, since a surprising portion rated the omission of an action as bad. The nature of the latter finding is unexpected since previous research has implicated the opposite trend, and has found omission bias to exist among adults (Powell, DerbyshireRead MoreHuman Development1668 Words   |  7 PagesHSV 504: Human Development-Early Memory Development Dianne Wright Post University Introduction Many human development specialists have examined memory loss of adults later in life. During the past fifty years, there have been many studies in children’s cognitive development and earlier childhood memory loss. Ernest G. Schachtel conducted studies on why people forget childhood memories as they grow older. He described the processes that could be involved in early memory loss (Crain, 2005). He wasRead MoreThe Nature of Qualitative Studies1481 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿ The Nature of Qualitative Studies Levonda J. Selph California InterContinental University (CalUniv) GRC 600 – Unit 4 August 5, 2014 Dr. Al Infande Introduction The purpose of this paper is to write a seven page essay with multiple sources including Elizabeth J. Tisdell’s (2000) paper on Spiritual Development and Commitments to Emancipotory Education in Women Adult Educators for Social Change in comparison to Sharan B. Merriam’s paper on How Cultural ValuesRead MoreRole of Cognitive Development in Trying Juveniles as Adults Essay example618 Words   |  3 Pagesthe United States, you are considered an adult at 18-years old. With age comes a plethora of other privledges. You can drive at 16 with a proper drivers license, legally engage in intercourse at 17, vote and purchase cigarrettes at 18 and purchase and consume alcohol at 21. Although there is one age restriction that hasnt been set in stone. In the justice system, one may be considered an adult at 18 and be tried as such. The option of being tried as an adult hangs on many circumstances. If the individualRead MoreJuveniles Tried As Adults1372 Words   |  6 Pagesdec isions, but can be on the verge of an adult sentencing. Juveniles’ tried as adults has been a major topic in the Criminal Justice system for many years. The controversy primarily focuses on the brain development, safety, and rehabilitation of the juvenile; versus an adult punishment towards them. These opinions have continuously produced outburst in the Criminal Justice system. Some argue juveniles should suffer the same consequences as an adult, if an adult crime was committed. Others reason juvenilesRead MoreEmerging Adulthood As A Group Of Individuals Who Lack Discipline And Express Self Destructive Behavior1301 Words   |  6 Pagesemerging adulthood as a group of individuals who lack discipline and express self-destructive behavior’s for no apparent reason, however studies have shown that it is more complex and dynamic than just lacking discipline. The group comprising emerging adults surpasses every other group in the use of drugs, alcohol, and sexually transmit ted diseases (STD’s). Emerging adults have a feeling of being â€Å"in-between† and are focused on figuring out who they are while trying to reach stability (financially and

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