Friday, January 31, 2020

Case Study 3 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

3 - Case Study Example This will cover the whole incident involving Brad Hutchinson. The cause and the circumstances of the incident will be highlighted. It is necessary to protect the reputation of the esteemed TV station. Additionally, the station personnel in the security department should help in investigating the incident in order to obtain substantial information to provide to the public. The incident has compromised the integrity standard, which every media employee should comply with all the time. The effect of this mundane act to the society is that the station will be associated with drug trafficking. The station usually condemns the vice of drug trafficking. This situation will compromise the moral stand of the station. The duty of care regulation for the media station has also been compromised because Hutchinson did not care to avoid criminal activities like indulgence in cocaine trafficking. This will imply that the station will file a case against him for his misdeeds. The other issue, which the station must contend with, is the connection of the station to drug trafficking because Hutchinson works like a WWES-TV station agent. In this regard, the station must engage its lawyer in order to establish the merits of the case and the evidence, which will corroborate the evidence of the police investigators. Pat Albright should be at the forefront in defending the name of WWES-TV station. Additionally, the station should fire Hutchinson immediately and seek another qualified news anchor to replace him. According to Berkman (2008), the station can outsource the news anchor from its peer TV stations or promote its employee to the position for a news anchor. Moreover, this move should be publicized in order to show the public that the station has a good employee disciplinary system. This incident will also erode all the strides the Hutchinson had made as a new anchor at the WWES-TV station. The incident will also affect the relationship of the TV station

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