Thursday, January 23, 2020

The Tragedy of Teenage Abortion :: Argumentative Persuasive Essay Examples

The Tragedy of Teenage Abortion In society today, teens are taught by the television and the media that pre-marital sex is not a bad thing. This problem is leading to many teenage pregnancies, that then lead to abortion. All over the world teens are faced with many challenges in their everyday lives. Sex is being portrayed as extremely appealing in the media, but what they don't show is the pregnancies and the unborn child that never asked to be created in the first place that is being discarded. Abortion is in no way acceptable, it is murder of an unborn child. Many doctors will say that abortion is not a bad thing, and it's not murder. They have argued that it is just an embryo, and is not yet a child. In the book The Terrible Choice: The Abortion Dilemma, Glanville Williams, a well-known English criminologist, was quoted saying abortion should be treated like a tonsillectomy. It's a minor operation to remove unwanted or harmful "tissue growth". Both tissues are alive, and contain material substances, chemical compounds, DNA and RNA molecules. They may vary a little, but they are mainly matter which is composed of cells which are composed of chemicals (1-2). The only difference between a tonsillectomy and an abortion is that the fetus can grow and develop into a human being much like ourselves. Joseph Farah wrote an article about abortion in The Human Life Review. In this, she quoted Steven Pinker, a professor of psychology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology saying, " Babies aren't really people, because they don't have an ability to reflect upon (themselves) as a continuous locus of consciousness, to form and savor plans for the future, to dread death and to express the choice not to die. And there's the rub: Our immature neonates don't posess these traits any more than mice do. Several moral philosophers have concluded that neonates are not persons, and thus neo-naticide should not be classified as murder" (no page). Farah's article also looks at Michael Tooley's, a philosophy professor at the University of Colorado, views. He thinks "there should be some period of time, such as a week after birth, as the interval during which infanticide will be permitted" (no page). More in this same school said that parents should be able to kill their children "up to the time the baby learns to use certain expressions" (no page).

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